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Updated: Apr 10, 2018

I'm so excited to be able to launch my new site, and to share with you! Being newer to Halifax, I'm aware my business is not very well known yet. Most people probably wouldn't have ever seen my website... But that's ok with me! Because really, I didn't feel like it fit me as a person, brand or business. I'm not a web designer (obviously) but I'm happy to be sharing my new and improved website & portfolio!

I've had my original website design for about 3 years now I suppose... with minor changes along the way. But from the beginning, I felt that it didn't show the vision that I had in my head. It didn't show the style that inspired my photography. So I decided to change that. A good friend of mine recommended this web hosting, and it's incredible! I was able to create something that I felt properly represented what I want my brand to look like.


Some might describe my style as "dark" or "moody"... And I do agree with that! But when I designed my brand, I really wanted to incorporate more than that. Here are some of the words I would use to express my photography style...

| soft | warm | natural | organic | dramatic | emotional | adventurous | neutral |

A big reason that I went with the colors and textures I did was because of the inspiration I got from moving to a new place. When I moved to Alberta from Texas, the whole scenery had changed... it was so beautiful and there were sucj amazing colors! Part of it could have been because the culture was so different... south Texas had lots of bright colors... which is great, but I didn't feel like it suited me well. Moving to Canada, and visiting the Rockies... it definitely had an impact!!


For my personal photography, I like to focus on small things, or details of a scene. I am by no means a nature photographer, but I love shooting nature. But I often find it's never the whole scene. While lots of people show the flowers on the hill with the river and mountains in the background, with a sunset, I find that more often than not, I crop details out, and focus on a few things in particular. The contrast between clouds and waves, the sunset above the tree line, or even simply the light and how it varies across the vines on a wall.


When it comes to session that I do for clients, I always try to incorporate nature as well. Whenever possible, we're right in nature with raw, natural light. It's always more flattering, and there are so many fun ways to manipulate light, and play around with it. I love being able to go out in nature, and just enjoy ourselves. There's something relaxing, and it always makes for the perfect backdrop.

I am pretty proud of the style I've created for my business, and I know that it may not suite everyone, but for myself it helps me express the style of art that I'm passionate about. And I hope that I can help my clients have the most amazing photos for them to display. Ones that show the gorgeous colours of nature, and that only reinforce the way their wedding looked on their special day.

Keep close to nature's heart... and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain, or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean. - John Muir

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