“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every

hundredth of a second.” 
- Marc Riboud


look like?

It's not enough to just have a session done. Then our beautiful images are forgotten about, on a flash drive somewhere in our desk drawer. (Am I right?)

Leave it to me, though. I'll help you choose prints, canvases, frames or even albums. 

They're all archival and will last for generations. 

But I want you to be able to have artwork in your home. You've gotten the session done, now don't let it go to waste!

 Everyone's story looks different! But I think that everyone deserves to have nice, fun photos to look at of our favourite memories. When was the last time you took professional photos, or even looked through the ones you do have?

A lot of us like to have the photos but maybe don't see why we should invest money into having nice ones taken once a year. I get it. It can be expensive! But even with photos that you have already had done, what have you done with them? Mostly like, not much. Same for me as well. But I encourage you to have them printed. I will even help you!

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2019 by Megan Jansen. Halifax, NS